Practice Areas

We practice exclusively in the area of Family Law. We provide counsel on all matters pertaining to marriage, divorce and family matters. We understand fully what’s at stake with family relationships and are dedicated to working toward the best outcome for the families we counsel.

Court Related

  • Division of family property

  • Child support

  • Spousal support

  • Custody and parenting plans

  • Divorce proceedings

  • Variation applications

Negotiation & Settlement

  • Separation agreements

  • Cohabitation agreements

  • Marriage contracts

  • Independent legal advice

Other Family Issues

  • Adoption

  • Donor agreements

  • Second opinions for clients

  • Opinions for counsel on points of law

  • Notary services

Exploring Your Options

Several options are available to resolve family disputes and since each family situation is unique, it is important that you explore all of them before determining which route to take.

Clients generally think that going to Court is the most effective way to deal with family matters; however, a Court proceeding can take years at great expense to both parties. And yet, while going to Court is costly and time-consuming, it can be the best option when faced with a former spouse who is in no rush to deal with the separation or does not take the process seriously.

Alternately, mediation may be a better option where one spouse is not ready or refuses to acknowledge that a separation has occurred. In this instance, mediation/arbitration is more effective than Court proceedings and provides a fairly quick result.

Our counsel is based on a practical and rational approach – we are here to protect your rights, meet your immediate needs and then resolve all the current and long-term family issues to ensure that you will not have to repeat the process in the future. Your marriage may be over but the family will continue for many years.

Our Proven Strategy

  1. Deal with the immediate problems
  2. Ensure your future is secure
  3. Separate the parties while keeping the family relationships with
    Children intact
  4. Make sure the final resolution is truly final
  5. You will be required to co-parent with your former spouse