About Our Firm

At Lewis & Associates, we recognize that Family Law is unique. The Department Head, Nancy Deskin will always strive for resolutions before conflict. In most legal disputes, the relationship between the parties ends with the legal proceeding. One party wins, the other loses. This is clearly not the case when the dispute revolves around a family. When children are involved, the relationship will continue well after the dispute is legally resolved. You will, after all, spend many more years parenting your children together.

It is vital that this fact be kept in mind at all times during the separation and divorce proceess. A true “win” in Family Law only happens when the matter is resolved without a winner or loser.

As such, we provide more than basic legal counsel. We offer you perspective on your rights and obligations. We counsel you on the approach that’s best suited to help you move forward through this difficult time.


Jacqueline Lewis

Ms. Lewis received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) from York University in 1985. She completed her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Ontario in 1989 and continued on to Osgoode Hall, completing her Master of Law Degree in Administrative Law in 2001. Ms. Lewis has been the Managing Partner at Lewis & Associates since 1991. She has almost three decades of experience representing refugees before the Refugee Protection Division and challenging negative decisions before the Federal Court of Canada. She has taught Immigration and Refugee Law at Carlton University and Western University. Her passion for Immigration and Refugee Law has lead her to build a strong and talented team of lawyers to represent Immigration and Refugee clients with complex and diverse needs, from all over the world. At the beginning of 2019 Ms. Lewis opened the Family Law division of Lewis & Associates, returning to the starting roots of her law career.

Nancy Deskin

Nancy Deskin has been practicing for over 20 years. In her first 8 years she did a combination of litigation and admin law which took her into Court on regular basis including appeals to the Divisional Court, Court if Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Since 2000, she has practiced exclusively in family law. Her approach is to try and negotiate an amicable settlements that are fair. She is savvy in negotiating difficult and complex marriage contracts and separation agreements. However m, if settlement is not an option, she is well versed in Court proceedings, Mediation and Arbitration.

Nancy has sat in the Ontario Bar Association panel as well as the panel for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

Nancy’s new position is head of the Lewis & Associates newly launched Family Law Department. She will be actively practicing and mentoring her junior colleagues.

Anoosh Salahshoor

Anoosh Salahshoor is a lawyer based in Toronto. He has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice, Toronto and Hamilton divisions. His guiding principle when advocating for clients is using his empathy and grit to get to the very heart of the matter so his clients’ vision and voice shine through.

Before joining Lewis & Associates, Anoosh was involved in the successful dismissal of a vexatious court action seeking $1.7mil in damages and against sixteen different parties. He was also involved in numerous high-stake real-estate and settlement negotiations and preparation of appeals to different bodies.

Anoosh has a bachelor of Honours from University of Toronto, and completed his law degree at the idyllic Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia.

Before becoming a lawyer, Anoosh worked as an immigration law clerk for many years, advocating for persons that experienced domestic violence, torture, and those with mental health issues.

Upon graduating from law school in 2017, Anoosh completed his articles with a Law Society bencher and a prominent real-estate, wills and estates lawyer in downtown Toronto.

Anoosh assists his clients in a variety immigration, litigation and family matters. His immigration practice involves citizenship law, cessation and vacation, and variety of appellate applications. His family practice involves helping clients with divorce, separation and marriage agreements, spousal and child support, custody, access and division of property.

Anoosh also practices civil litigation, where his focus is on cyber defamation, contractual disputes, and dealing with vexatious parties.

In his free time, Anoosh enjoys reading, playing chess and watching film noir.

Anoosh is fluent in Farsi and Turkish.

Adam Wawrzkiewicz, Lawyer

Adam Wawrzkiewicz joined the firm in December of 2018, after articling and working as an associate with a small immigration and family law practice in Toronto for a year and a half. The next four years found Adam working in a small litigation firm in Mississauga where he practiced family law and civil litigation.

Adam was born in Canada soon after his parents immigrated here as refugees from Poland and is fluent in the Polish language. Although he grew up in the GTA, Adam’s family moved to the USA, where he attended high school, before returning to Toronto to study at University of Toronto’s Trinity College.

In 2008, Adam obtained his Honors B.A. from University of Toronto with high distinction, as an Economics and Philosophy Specialist, and was awarded the John. A. Jessup Memorial Award for having the highest marks in philosophy among his graduating class from Trinity College.

While in law school, Adam volunteered his time at the FCJ Refugee Centre, gaining valuable experience in immigration and refugee law. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in June of 2012 and was called to the bar in June of 2013.

Adam has significant experience litigating family law, civil matters, and immigration cases. He has appeared before the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice in Toronto, Brampton, Oshawa, and Newmarket on a variety of family matters, and has argued judicial review hearings for immigration cases at the Federal Court of Canada.

Adam’s education and experience brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

FIRST STEPS – Consultation

In our initial consultation we make sure:

  1. You get all your questions answered regarding where you stand, your rights, your obligations, the legal process, parenting plan options, child/spousal support and division of property.
  2. We understand your particular situation in order to give you the best counsel possible. The sooner we have a complete understanding, the quicker we can provide you with the various options available to you to resolve your situation.

We know this is an emotional time – however, due diligence and information gathering is key. You will need to brief us on the chronology of your relationship so we can have a full picture of your family situation. Everyone’s family is different. So to best represent you, we have to have full details of your family life from the specifics about child care arrangements to complete disclosure regarding your financial affairs. We recommend that you bring any and all financial documents you can to the initial consultation so that we can together accomplish our two main goals.

Financial documents:

  • Property deeds
  • RRSP statements
  • Stocks and bonds statements
  • Bank account statements
  • Mortgage and loan documents
  • Lease agreements
  • Credit card statements
  • Monthly budget
  • Income tax returns for the last 3 years
  • Notices of assessment for the last 3 years

Your participation is crucial – we can provide the counsel and expertise on your rights and the law only if you provide the understanding of your family dynamics and what’s best for them as a whole.

THE PROCESS – what to expect

Generally speaking, Family Law resolution is not a quick process. We assure you we’ll do everything possible to resolve your matrimonial affairs as expeditiously as possible.

We respond to phone calls within 24 hours and schedule meetings within the week they are requested. Our goal is to move your matter along as quickly as possible while ensuring that your legal fees are not excessive. We are thorough and always keep the client’s best interests in mind.

We cannot guarantee your spouse or spouse’s counsel will provide the same quick response time. Therefore, unless both parties have agreed to all issues from the outset, a resolution could take some time.