Covid-19 Update: We are open to see clients by appointment. In an effort to keep client and all members of the firm safe, clients and firm member will be given masks, firm members will wear face shields, hand sanitizer will be available and temperature checks for both firm members and clients will be done upon entry. We hope this will give our clients the fullest confidence in their saftey.


We provide counsel on all matters pertaining to family law. Including wills, estates, civil litigation, marriage, divorce and family matters. We understand fully what’s at stake with family relationships and are dedicated to working toward the best outcome for the families we counsel.

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The way we work

We take a limited case load to ensure that every client gets our full attention. Calls are returned within 24 hours and appointments are made within the week they are requested. If we take your case, you can be assured that we will be working diligently to resolve your matter as quickly as possible.

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Contact Us

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150 Carlton Street, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario
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What Other’s Say

I would highly recommend Nancy Deskin and her firm for many reasons. Mainly because all of my concerns and questions are dealt with in a quick, efficient, professional manor whether it be by phone, e-mail or text. In today’s world, alot of business no longer care about their customer or client service believing there’s many more other customer/clients out there. Not so with this firm. I always came away from any interaction feeling very positive and that not only had I been heard but that they understood and it was already being dealt with. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done.
I retained Nancy Deskin to take over my family law matters after struggling with another lawyer for over a year. Once in hand with my particulars Nancy was able to not only streamline my position and educate me enough to finally makes some decisions, but what I appreciated most was her ability to teach me how to get through this process – on all levels. Any lawyer can take the legal points and drive an outcome. Nancy brought to the life the need to be decisive, and therefore the need to move on – without sacrificing my needs or rights to expect a fair and reasonable outcome. This came with a lot of tough love along the way, for which I am grateful for. Nancy is prompt, direct, honest and extremely well educated in all matters financial, legal and – emotional. In a dark time – she helped me be successful to end a chapter, and move on. In a day I retained the best lawyer in Toronto, and today – retain her as someone I fully trust to protect my most personal interests.

FIRST STEPS – Consultation

In our initial consultation we make sure:

  1. You get all your questions answered regarding where you stand, your rights, your obligations, the legal process, parenting plan options, child/spousal support and division of property.
  2. We understand your particular situation in order to give you the best counsel possible. The sooner we have a complete understanding, the quicker we can provide you with the various options available to you to resolve your situation.

We know this is an emotional time – however, due diligence and information gathering is key. You will need to brief us on the chronology of your relationship so we can have a full picture of your family situation. Everyone’s family is different. So to best represent you, we have to have full details of your family life from the specifics about child care arrangements to complete disclosure regarding your financial affairs. We recommend that you bring any and all financial documents you can to the initial consultation so that we can together accomplish our two main goals.

Financial documents:

  • Property deeds
  • RRSP statements
  • Stocks and bonds statements
  • Bank account statements
  • Mortgage and loan documents
  • Lease agreements
  • Credit card statements
  • Monthly budget
  • Income tax returns for the last 3 years
  • Notices of assessment for the last 3 years

Your participation is crucial – we can provide the counsel and expertise on your rights and the law only if you provide the understanding of your family dynamics and what’s best for them as a whole.

Exploring Your Options

Several options are available to resolve family disputes and since each family situation is unique, it is important that you explore all of them before determining which route to take.

Clients generally think that going to Court is the most effective way to deal with family matters; however, a Court proceeding can take years at great expense to both parties. And yet, while going to Court is costly and time-consuming, it can be the best option when faced with a former spouse who is in no rush to deal with the separation or does not take the process seriously.

Alternately, mediation may be a better option where one spouse is not ready or refuses to acknowledge that a separation has occurred. In this instance, mediation/arbitration is more effective than Court proceedings and provides a fairly quick result.

Our counsel is based on a practical and rational approach – we are here to protect your rights, meet your immediate needs and then resolve all the current and long-term family issues to ensure that you will not have to repeat the process in the future. Your marriage may be over but the family will continue for many years.

Our Proven Strategy

  1. Deal with the immediate problems
  2. Ensure your future is secure
  3. Separate the parties while keeping the family relationships with
    Children intact
  4. Make sure the final resolution is truly final
  5. You will be required to co-parent with your former spouse